eeeking out of the month

– Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions. Yet our roots remain as one.


Starting out slow this morning, no coffee for me. I have one cup a week. Painful, from a pot to one cup a week. oH, I miss my coffee.

I have a notebook full of plans, a Pinterest full of ideas, and a house that drastically needs cleaning. Washer broke, so none of that. Thank goodness it is Saturday and I do have clean undies. I turned on the light for sewing machine. To make me get to it.

One of my cats left a gift under stairs near the litter box. (thanks buddies (d:)

But alas here I am. Now what?

So hard to stay on task. My mind was sidetracked this morning when I recieved a group text from my sister. She has many problems that I do not understand, don’t want to either. It has always been a struggle to understand some of the things she does, why so angry, hateful, unreasonable…I don’t know. I miss her but not her stuff that she contributes to. or mainly starts and makes up.


“my daughter (blonde) and my sister in 1998”


Now no longer speaking. So sad, my family has branches breaking off and dying…………………………………………………………………………to be contiued



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