Ready, Set, GO!


Continued from A Long Season

I luckily had a car, that I paid off with my SSDI settlement. Its an old car, but it gets us from A to B and it runs good. Thats all that matters. Still have 8 years later and it is a 1992!

My son changed school districts, made new friends nearby. All of them great boys, still to this day. That was one of my many worries as a Mom.

My next task was getting my credit back, from being able to buy a house and being able to buy cars to having such bad credit I couldn’t get a checking account.

So I used Walmart MoneyCard, which works just like a debit card. My SSDI deposit was able to use that card. I decided it was time to move on UP! I went to the little local bank nearby to see if I could open an account. I COULD!! and did.

Now that sent me on the road to building my credit back, I looked at CreditKarma and started using that site to build it back. My credit score went from 490 to 600 in 3 months

I continued to work on it, I was picking up Prescriptions at Walmart and picked up a flyer for credit card “I thought what the heck?” I had it at home and fill out online. I was approved! Moving on up! Many months later, I now have a 728 credit score and trying to go even higher.


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