Almost There

This is the Beginning

I live in a tiny house. Not like what’s on television. Well OK. Kinda, sorta. Let’s start from the beginning.

tiny house

When I was married to a real life loser, an alcoholic, drug abuser, con artist.

I had made up my mind to leave. I had already told my mother that I was going to move into a “storage” building my brother had built next to her house. She told me I could. One morning I woke up heard him (my now ex-husband) making coffee. Before he started his daily routine of pill taking and doctor going I walked in and told him that Guy (our son) and I were leaving when school was over, a few weeks away. He just sat there and said OK (more than that but that’s more than I want to put in this post).

The cottage had no bathroom yet, so we walked to Mema’s (my mom) to use hers until the it was done.

My son would start a new middle school new school year. My job was closer so it was going to be fine. We had nothing to stop us any longer, so this was like super nice. Relaxing.

No cigarette smoke house. No pee in milk jugs, yes I said NO Pee in milk jugs. (The bathroom was 7 steps away. I counted).

Then my MS(multiple sclerosis) hit hard while working. I was working at Home Depot warehouse. No air-conditioning, no heat. Hard physical work. In the meantime I had researched getting a divorce with no lawyer, since I had no money for that. Well I filed for divorce with a lot of going back and forth to courthouse, researching online. It took about 6 months and wait time, divorced $50. Left work, went on workers comp. Filed for disability, used a lawyer(Allsup). After a year I started receiving. I had worked since I was 14 so money was enough to live on.

My life was again.

Do you want to know more about this decade plus, part of my life? Just ask me send a quick note




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