Parfait Kitties

Black-Skittles, Gray tabby-Sugar, buff-Peach, pewter-Little “Gray” Kitty, yellow tabby-Butterscotch, Tuxedo– Oreo, and then comes calico called Sundae.

Story of all my cats I have have had since life in tiny house.

Sugar is my oldest cat, have had her since 2006. She is like a little short legged, petite cat. Stubborn, finicky cat. She doesn’t like certain flavors in the cat food, so she throws out those flavors.

Skittles was given to me by my daughter because she was relocating to Virginia. As well as Peach. Both of these precious kitties were taken most likely by the fox that was roaming around.

Skittles was my attack cat, my mom would bring her boxer(Bubba) with her and Skittles would run him away. Hiss if he got to close to door. Very funny.
Peach was a beautiful sweet timid cat that slept in my bed. Shyly hiding when company came over.

In the meantime another kitten showed up, Live at the end of a quiet dead end street. So either drop off the cats or were born and wander to me.

Gray was hiding under my car. Skinny solid gray that was afraid of me. I used my cat whisperer skills and coaxed him to come to me. He is a BIG cat. A big sissy that taps on me when he wants to be petted or if he feels his food bowl doesn’t look full.

Butterscotch was crying in my mom’s backyard. Had a hard time getting him to come to me. I had to use my granddaughter to use her skills to get him. He is another tabby, yellow. She drools when he is happy. Gets kinda gross, but do I need to make him a bib?😍

Oreo was a tuxedo cat, black and white. My baby, I loved her with all my heart. In fact if I could get her back for a trade of 2 I would. Of course don’t ask which two. I tear up even now writing this. She announced herself when she came in. Like
saying whatcha doing? I’m here.

After a quite a few months maybe a year, there was hissing going on outside my front door. Opened the door and hiding under my porch was a calico. Wow, never had one before and she came right in. Not that my other cats approved. She is finally making friends with them.


2 thoughts on “Parfait Kitties

  1. Before my dogs, I had 6 cats, even though I was allergic to them…there was Abigail, Tipsy, Bucky, Bonzi, Oatmeal and Gizmo. When my last one passed I stayed with dogs. I was finally able to breathe again after 16 years. However I loved them all.


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