Getting Rid of Procatisnation

What has happened to me to make me feel so lazy?

I feel like I am spinning my wheels sometimes, I want to get things done. But I don’t. What has happened, what is the reason, am I just lazy? I have lists and post it notes all over. I have an unorganized life  swinging around making decisions in no direction. ahhhh!! Hate it. I have a very good friend who is so neat and organized, has her own business, what is it about people like this that I am not doing that I have to ask myself.

First I have to get organized, I guess.

So I just ordered a planner for myself and my mother who has many pads with notes that she cannot keep up with. I ordered mine from Amazon.

I would like a cute one from I Heart Planners or another one of the great bloggers that have cute planners but as usual I am broke.  So I make do with free planner pages and my notebook and printed pages.

Then step 2 is my meditative, turning off this computer and my 3 yes THREE devices where I play my games, that prevent me from my chores. Should I add my Television?  My YouTube, Netflix, HULU…??Geez… YES!

This is going to be very hard, but if you think about it maybe that is why we are a fat, obese, and over weight nation. Ok, now I am on the right track.. I will add this to my planner, time management. One hour a day for TV, One hour for cleaning, 1 hour for sewing, etc, tweaking as I move along.

Lets make a pack to get all things in our life done, in a efficient manner, to enjoy our life in an organized,clean, stress free, no money problem life to the best of our ability. So let’s do it!!

Please join me in our quest

Here are some of my inspiration links, I will be adding more for you or you can send me some.