Ready, Set, GO!

Today I went to my Grandsons 2nd birthday party. He is adorable little booger. He has 1 half 16-year-old sister, and 3 half brothers 2 seven-year olds and an eight year old, it’s a hers, his and theirs family. My daughter does an awesome job with them.


My daughter was born soon after I graduated high school. I had no or hardly any 20-year-old kind of life. It was hard, I didn’t go to college, neither of my parents did either. So no encouragement there. So I was off to work. I did have a couple of little part-time jobs before I started working fulltime. My mother had a friend that helped get me a job at an electronic company.  I worked there for 4 years.

My sister had a friend that called me one day and asked if I wanted to go out with her that weekend. It was a bikers bar, umm.. ok.

I saw this man who recognized me from elementary school! Well, we started seeing each other and ended up getting married.

We moved a lot, my daughter went to 18 different schools in elementary days.  She made friends fast, had no problems until after I divorced. I take that back I saw it before then, my husband caught her stealing. And OMG did it continue until I ended up kicking her out when my rent check bounced, because she went shopping at the mall with my debit card.

So much more than that, She even says today”Mom I don’t know what was the matter with me?” I say I don’t either.

My first marriage, and should have been my second. After 9, almost 10 we divorced. We had one son together.

Yes, he verbally abused me, and was just mean sometimes. He was a functioning alcoholic.


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