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See: A Long Season

noun pe·do·phil·ia \ˌpēd-ə-ˈfil-ē-ə, ˌped-\

Medical Definition of pedophilia

  1. :  sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object



noun al·co·hol·ism \ˈal-kə-ˌhȯ-ˌli-zəm, -kə-hə-\
Popularity: Top 10% of words

Simple Definition of alcoholism

  • : a medical condition in which someone frequently drinks too much alcohol and becomes unable to live a normal and healthy life


Peeping Tom

Yea had one, Let me tell you the story.

One night, It was a Sunday;

I am a pretty light sleeper. I woke up to a sound, and another one. I laid there one my side, my first thought was that sounded like a ladder. I turned over to look out the window. I had no curtains, because I did’nt feel I needed them. It was a long stretch of road with no one in front of me and my sister and brother-in-law on the opposite side of me, the house on side I was facing in bed was at least 2 lots away.

I noticed this dark shape in the window. ???? What is that, the moon was bright enough that I could see the tree line behind this shape. I was looking into this shape, and thought that looks like an umbrella. What is an umbrella doing against my window?, My window was off the ground because that side of the house was on a hill. (humph) The trees were not moving so there was no wind. Wait a minute. was that a darker shape in the umbrella, was that a head????!!!

Then I heard it, that shape just adjusted on the ladder!!!

I (and don’t ask me why) said “helllllo”. That made that person go down the ladder.  The umbrella started going down. I freaked. I ran into the living room to c all my sister. (again don’t ask)

Well, the phone was in my daughter’s room, (teenager’s!) I ran in yelling where’s the phone?? She jumped up she was 15 and I dialed my sister. My brother-in-law answered and I told him. My daughter in the meantime ran out to the porch and looked out to see a ladder propped up against the house.

My sister called the police and I was frantic, telling daughter to get in the house. Then I hear a gun shot, and a yelp. Look out the door and there lies an umbrella in the road. My brother was staying at my sister’s house. He had just came back from Afghanistan war.

He went running over to back side of house while brother-in-law went front side and had reached each of yard when a man came running from other side where he was trying to retrieve ladder. Apparently hiding under porch.  My brother-in-law had put some buck shots in him had sent him running.





a person who obtains sexual gratification by observing others surreptitiously, especially a man who looks through windows at night.


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